And then some…

I’ve been going and going for the past several weeks. And somehow, I’ve managed, without any breakdowns or temper tantrums. And I know what that somehow is; the support and prayers of some very important people in my life. God answers prayer. He provides. And then some.


I am a singer. I spend most of my time practicing singing, reading about singing, talking about singing, and wearing scarves to keep my throat warm when I’m not singing. I’m a self-proclaimed “vocal-nerd”. And, as far as “studying voice” goes, I am a newbie. I’ve been singing since I was a young child, but I’ve only been in consistent lessons for four years. I value training, and healthy, musically-informed, well-prepared singing, be it a jazz, pop or classical performance. I recognize that whether I ultimately go into classical performance, jazz or contemporary singing, I have years of learning ahead […]

I really want to…

…blog. I love the idea of it. I love possibilities. I love that it is neither academic writing, nor journal writing, but that it sits somewhere in between. But I find myself worried; should I say it? Who will read it? And what should I write about? Faith, culture, singing, art, my dog? Whats the point? Does the world need any more random arrangements of words into sentences when everyone and their cat has a blog? And then, my student mind takes over, and what I do get around to writing is never quite good enough to hand-in, erm, I […]

And the living is easy.

Location: Snake Island Every summer, about this time in August, and on this very island, my thoughts have turned to the new year. My memories of summer are almost entirely composed of adventures on this long and lean property among three hundred other properties that make up Snake Island. We left the family cottage down the lake when I was seven years old and this island that was once a dark, dusky, ominous shoreline on an early evening boat ride is now the crux of my entire experience of summer. As, I must admit, my memories of summer before the […]

On my…

iPod: Symphonicities, Sting bedside table: Coffee Shop Conversations: Making the Most of Spiritual Small Talk, Dale Fincher and Jonalyn Fincher, Zondervan From the book: ” An open, personal dialogue with our friends is most likely when we open the window into our own souls (…). Honesty makes spiritual conversations work.” mind: the future (Reviews of all materials are forthcoming, a foray into my mind is also a possibility. )

Blogging Failure

I set up this blog. Sorry, my tech-saavy Father, set up this blog several months ago as I was preparing to leave Toronto to volunteer on a reserve in Northern Manitoba. I blogged somewhat consistently during that time, but have entirely dropped the ball and have not posted in over a month. I’ve just arrived home from the second trip of my summer break from university that took to me the Pacific Northwest with my parents and eldest brother. We participated in a gathering of artists and intellectuals of faith called Kindlingsfest on Orcas Island off the coast of Washington […]

No blog posts in weeks.

Its true, there haven’t been. I’ve been sick, tired, and then sick again, not to mention busy! Between subbing in the elementary school and volunteering in the high school my days have been mighty full! I’m coming up on my last week here in Nelson House. I am sad to be getting ready to say goodbye to all of my music students, and have grown mighty fond of hearing “Miss Kinnon” and then the sensation of several little arms around me as my little elementary students give me hugs. As the school year winds down so does my time here. […]

Long time gone

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted. It has been a rough ten days. I’ve been sick and working hard. Just when I was on the brink, the day dawned hot and sunny yesterday morning and my marathon migraine headache of four days was mercifully gone.  Things have been changing consistently since my last post. There are so many stories I could tell, but don’t have the time to right this instant. The very necessary end of my two weeks honeymoon period of “I love it here! I’m gonna WORK! WORK! WORK!” arrived with a bang as I battled […]


Its only the Wednesday after the long weekend, and though I have once again given in to my caffeine addiction, I am completely exhausted. I am double shifting, 8:30 to 2:45 as a gym teacher with the rowdy elementary (I am teaching Grade 4-8 this week, instead of the delightful K-Grade 3 of last week), and as a music teacher in the High School, two hour long classes falling  between 2:45 and 8:45 each day.Its also raining and has been consistently for two long days.  Our previously pristine mudroom has turned into just that:  a very muddy room. Though I am very tired, […]