Rest (1 Minute Read)

“You cannot be really first-rate at your work if your work is all you are.” Anna Quindlen (via Brain Pickings) People are talking about rest these days. It’s even a Costco magazine cover story. Cosco, the shopping experience you need to mentally prepare for – busy, frantic, crushed. People are talking but few are taking rest. For years you could count me in that number. In my small circle, I was the queen of “busy”.  At a certain point, when asked how life was, I started to respond with a smile and “full”. But no amount of semantic reframing could save me in the […]


On New Years Day I was deep in discussion with a good friend about faith, the arts, and where social justice and spirituality intersect when we somehow came to the music I grew up with. While the long family road trips were characterized by hours of the Police, and Genesis and of course, Peter Gabriel, my childhood CD collection was made up of “Christian Pop”. High gloss, heavily made up, and airbrushed, sparkly white “Christian” versions of the mainstream acts of the time; the pop starlet, the girl group, etc. At the time, I thought I was being a good […]

New Years Disciplines

Its another New Year’s Day. I feel simultaneously as though it seems to soon for ten to grow to eleven, and that these 365 days were far longer than their number, as is most often true of the passage of time. I’m sort of one for resolutions, but not really one for self-discipline, so I tend to enter a new year with lofty goals for self-improvement that dissipate rapidly. This year I’m trying to implement a few new attitudes that I will call  New Years Disciplines instead of Resolutions. In the days preceding New Years last year I was at […]

Stream of Consciousness # 4, 5:00 #5

It is in the inane that I seem to dwell. hours spent in silence, but with the eyes alive with pixels. No words are spoken, but many are exchanged. Insignificance, becomes my dwelling place. And yet, the word calls for real silence true significance demands full attention But as many a Consumer Christian I prefer others digital ruminations to real imagination, and Facebook to the Good Book. (partially inspired by The Divine Commodity, by Skye Jethani)

5:00, #3

7:03pm. Another adventure in five minute writing. 7:03-7:10 . I’m losing precious time trying to resize the photo that is prompting this post. I’m not even one year old, and I am sprawled across my two elder brothers, one is 3 the other, almost five. Its wonderful to think that my mother behind the camera saw three little beings, not yet hurt, not yet bruised or broken, messed up and messed around. Its wonderful to think of the newness of life at the age I was at. I was breathing, I was sighing and crying, but I was not a […]

stream of consciousness #1, 5:00 #2

(something new, and something I hope to do again, hence the hopeful “#1” in the title. a continuation of the attempted “five minutes writing + post”.) i feel for an instant in this short breath of consciousness an ache in ten words, maybe twenty 140 characters thrown out into the world an ache, fresh but familiar as the first brutal cold yet bright morning of winter an ache for adventure purpose conversation departure the sun rises on Namibia for two friends, and I, stuck here, with the words “in training” stamped vibrant on my mind you say wait a minute […]